We have four separate fully equipped exam rooms. Each exam room offers a stainless steel exam table, several of which also function as scales. One room is specifically designed for the comfort and ease of examinations for cats. For those pets that need to stay in our hospital our facilities includes a separate room for cats, several large and extra large dog runs, all with natural light and a large fenced yard where dogs are individually leash walked morning, mid-day and evening. Complimentary baths are offered to dogs who have spent more than two nights in our facility. A staff member lives on the premises and can monitor our computerized IV pumps for those clients needing fluids and treatments overnight..

Our surgical suite is a separate sterile positive pressure room with its own electrostatic air filtration and scavenger system. This positive pressure prevents outside contamination. Seven separate air filtration units remove airborne bacteria, dirt and viruses. We use only the safest anesthetics as well as sophisticated monitoring systems for heart, respiration and pulse oximetry. Along with routine surgical procedures, our hospital is capable of advanced orthopedics such as plating systems, external fixators and cruciate repairs. With the help of our board certified specialists we also perform myelograms, oncology, complete cardiac workups and ultrasonography. We also offer endoscopi, bronchoscopy and proctoscopic capabilities.

With our advanced laboratory most blood analysis can be run during your pet’s appointment. A complete blood count takes just 60 seconds and can determine signs of infection and blood disorders, while our blood chemistry machines can aide in quickly diagnosing kidney, liver and other metabolic disorders. Endoccine and Electrolytes can be evaluated in minutes in case of emergencies. We have multple machines to back up and compare results. Our extensive lab aids our staff in providing the best care you can ask for your beloved pet.

Having the best medications on hand saves you and your pet time–no waiting at a drugstore for prescriptions to be filled. We offer available flavors and liquefying capabilities for easier administration when needed. Please remember to call ahead of time for prescription refills. As well as medications we also carry a full line of prescription dog and cat foods for your pets needs and convenience.

We at Falls Road believe in the importance of oral hygiene for your pet. All dental work requires the same pre-surgical blood screening as our surgeries for the patients safety under anesthesia. Only the safest anesthesia protocals are used for these procedures. We offer and recommend ultrasonic scaling, high speed polishing and fluoride treatment for all our patients. We can also perform teeth extractions, root canals and caps when necessary. We believe prophylactic home care is the key to successful dental care. Feburary is National Dental Health Month. Durning the month of February we offer a 20% discount on all dental procedures performed.

We offer appointments with our very experienced groomer in our hospital three days a week. She is trained in the proper grooming of all types and breeds of dogs. All groomings include a thorough bath and brushout, ear plucking when appropriate, nail clipping and a go-home bow or bandanna. We encourage direct communication between the groomer and the client whenever possible, Our groomer can call for instructions when necessary. Upon request, the groomer will call as soon as your pet is ready so you can pick up as early as possible.
Groomings should arrive by 9:30 am and are arranged by appointment only.
Please try to call early for an appointment as the groomer can take only a limited number of pets each day and available spaces fill up fast, especially during or just before any holidays.

Our hospital is equipped with a state of the art Digital X-Ray system’ which enables us to report findings rapidly. The benefits of this system include improved quality, enabling us to see things such as chicken bones or foil that traditional film does not show. It also provides enhancements such as enlargement capabilities and computerized enhancements such as measurements and notations. The reduced radiation required makes it safer for your pet and our staff, and the results are available more quickly than with the traditional x-ray. We can now produce a digitalized Disc for our clients and send images to a radiologist for a consult within minutes. We also have the capability to perform Contrast barium series and double contrast cystography which are common procedures any out patient work

We offer removal service via Simply Removals.


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